4211 W Riverside Dr
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 843-9334

On behalf of all Californians, I am pleased to extend my greetings to all those who have gathered for your dedication ceremony.

Since taking office, I have made preserving our earth one of my top priorities. I appreciate your commitment to making your restaurant environmentally friendly by adding solar power. Not only will this technology help to preserve our resources, you will also encourage others to follow in your footsteps. I cannot think of a better way to
celebrate your sixtieth anniversary than by going green.

Additionally, I congratulate you on reaching this fantastic milestone. You are a unique California landmark, and I applaud your efforts to celebrate your past while protecting our state’s future.

Please accept my best wishes for a wonderful event and every continued success.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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  1. Lol the governator, great job guys really love your food and what you guys stand for. Keep up the great work.

    Proud Customer

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