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At the restaurants, Wian gave away free comic books featuring the character. Here is an extremely rare example… Big Boy comics number one from 1956. These comics were produced by Timely Comics, which later became Marvel. They were written by Stan Lee and drawn by Bill Everett. Later issues featured the work of Archie comics artist, Dan DeCarlo. Adventures of the Big Boy is one of the longest continuously running comic book lines. It’s still being produced fifty years later.

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  1. Wow ! and Pow ! I never knew Stan Lee had a connection to the famous Bob's Big Boy ! Thank you for this blog post. Brings me back to memories of when my father used to take me to Bob's, and we would get the comic books.

  2. I didn't know the connection either. I just cleaned an old file box of mine and found a Big Boy comic book titled "Adventures of the bog boy #304" Quarter Century collector series. I was smart enough to place it in a file folder and it is in MINT condition. Any buyers?

  3. hes a crazy old bastard but i must say i love that man .not in a gay way but he heepld create some of the most iconic characters that the human race will be exposed to .and that charm .a romodel if i ever saw one .and anyone can acheive what he acheived all you have to do is open your mind .i know i will but even at my max potential i will be lucky to become 25% of what stan lee acheived .and its not about the cash ..its about loving what you do the cash just makes it all possible

  4. Stan's the man!!!

  5. Stan's trademark humor and wit comes shining through, even when not fighting super villains and shooting webs! Thanks for this peek at a fledgling American original.

  6. Stan's trademark humor and wit comes shining through, even when not fighting super villains and shooting webs! Thanks for this peek at a fledgling American original.

  7. Hello All- It's amazing to see my Uncle Bob's burgers still around! BTW this year would have been his 100 birthday -born June 15, 1914. My dad told me he was one of Bob's 1st dishwashers back in the day. What a time that must have been. Thanks Uncle Bob, for all those wonderful meals- I miss that strawberry pie!! Now where did I hide those comic books ?!?!?

  8. It was a terriffic idea for Bob Wian in the early 50's to come up with a inter active comic book for all kids as a part of Big Boy restaurants everywhere showing they enjoyed and cared for kids. There was a "Big Boy Club" and it gave a chance for kids to write their own words to "Big Boy" and "Dolly" and relay their particular lives events and have fun! There was history facts and State to State visits each month hosting a different State.

  9. The wonderful comic books are listed as a collectible in our new book. Bobs Bg Boy Collectibles and Value guide.

  10. Most folks today do not know about Big Boy restaurants and how Mr. Bob wian, Glendale CA (deceased) started and came up with Americas Favorite Hamburger "The Big Boy Hamburger". In 1936 Bob sold his personal car so he could open a small 10 seat snack bar and serve short order sandwichs and other desert and soft drinks and great coffee. Bob was studious and a very clean and energetic young man and worked diligently each day to please every single "guest" that visited Bob's Pantry in Glendale! Bob was friendly and personally waited on and cooked for all his customers when he first opened. All his sandwichs and burgers and breakfasts were 100% freshly prepared in view of each guest. If you were not 100% happy Bob wanted you to be satisified and did all he could to make a friend and loyal patron! Bob's Pantry was well lit and clean as a whistle and a young boy in checked overalls would come by and offer to take the trash out and sweep for a hamburger. Bob liked his young friend Ray Woodruff and he became a regular fixture at the diner! They started calling him "Big Boy" because he shared his dream of growing up and owning his own little snack bar too! One day a regular came in and asked Bob if he could come up with something different from the regular menu fare for a change. Bob said burgers, sandwichs, pancakes, and pies are what I sell! He then picked up a regular hamburger bun and sliced it into three sections. A crown (top), center slice, and bottom section. Bob deceided to place 2 beef patties on this newly invented bun and experimented with lettuce, relish, and american cheese. When he finally deceided on 2 beef patties,fresh ground lettuce,1 slice Am. cheese, mayo, and topped off with a portion of red relish. Some called for "the Big Boy" to help clean up some spilled coffee. Bob with a sparkle in his eye christened his new invention "The Big Boy Sandwich"! The logos and images were developed from Richard Woodruff as a small boy and Bob Wian's creativity! Bob wanted all his guests to feel very comfortable in his Pantry eating, so he called it "The Home of the Big Boy"! That slogan is and was used for each Bob's Big Boy Restaurant location and numerous franchised Big Boy Restaurants licensed by Bob's Big Boy operating team and license management throughout the US! What started as one small snack bar "Pantry" and one tuff minded business man quickly grew into a "Family Restaurant" empire, with a need for managed and licensed franchised operators. Bob's Big Boy was the first to offer franchises to qualified owner/operators and Employee Insurance, (Health and Dental, Life) at Corporate expense as a employee benefits to all Bob's direct employees! Bob's Big Boy came a long way in a few short years and one of the greatest success stories of one small business man. Bob Wian also set the family restaurant pattern for success that Denny's,Sambos's,I-Hop, and many others to this day. Truly, Bob Wian started it all in a small Pantry!

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